Why Daniela’s ?  Daniela’s Skin Care and Mark Lees Skin Care are both formulated with the purest standardized  ingredients using the latest scientific technologies, at levels that are the same as what they were tested at in the lab.  They are formulated to perform with consistent results you can count on, and will not clog pores.

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If you’re confused about what your skin needs, and you’ve read everything in the advice section of this web site, we can email about what products will be best for you. Simply describe your skin’s issues, texture, specific areas of breakout or dryness, any

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allergies you may have and level of shine or oiliness. And remember,  samples are available for most products, so you don’t have to feel like you’re flying blind.  Please see note below about samples.

An important word about samples

Complimentary samples are available for most products.  They are provided not only to see how you like them, but mainly to see if there are any adverse reactions.  They are designed to last only 1-2 days. By sampling products first, we are NOT determining whether or not they work - quality products take time to do their magic.  Many people see a difference right away, but results vary from person to person.  Samples are available in limited quantities.  Daniela’s Facial Studio reserves the right to not send all samples that are ordered.  If you find that you want to try many different products, please fill out the form for a free Eval by Email® Online Skin Care Consultation so that together we can determine what will be best for your skin.

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