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Daniela's Activating

Liposome Complex

1.12 oz          50.00

sample        FREE

directions :  after use of toner, place one pump into palm, spread quickly with entire hands after toner, while toner is still wet.  follow with sunscreen in the morning and hydrator at night.  

for acne-prone skin, this liquigel helps boost healing of acne blemishes, reduces signs of ongoing sensitivity, calms pore reactions to stress and other ongoing sources of pore irritation.  invaluable in the fight against “corporate acne” (the tendency to break out under stress on a daily basis) as it supports skin's immune system, helping it deal with the inflammation caused by sudden oil rushes.  diminishes visible imperfections and even discourages their reappearance.  perfect for skin that can't seem to decide if it's oily or dry as it helps to regulate oil production in skin that has lost too much water or produces too much oil in the effort to repair itself.  normalizes red or yellow skin tones, helps to repair skin broken by acne, sun damage, or irritation, reduces signs of ongoing sensitivity and reactions to stress.  for more inflamed breakouts, this pairs beautifully with soothe and defend hydragel.

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