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Queen Helene

Mint Julep Mask

8 oz              5.00

sample        FREE

directions :  wash with cleanser, rinse very well, pat dry, then generously apply mask with a fan brush (sold below) or your fingers evenly onto skin, just enough to not see your skin underneath but not too much to waste it.  wait 10 minutes (does not have to dry), rinse well.  follow with toner then hydrator or sunscreen.  best when used after cleansing brush or other exfoliator.  click here for at-home facial instructions.

one of the simplest clay masks on the market, this mask is great for skin that has the occasional breakout and a few blackheads but is oily enough to need a clay mask.  controls shine and inflammation by drawing out impurities and mildly drying up excess oil, then cools and calms the skin.  this mask is also fantastic for chest or back acne becuase of it's large size and price.  contains mint, so those with allergy to aspirin might want to do a small patch test first.

Mask Fan Brush

each    7.00

avoid waste by using this brush to apply your mask, allowing you to apply it more evenly and more precisely.

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