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Daniela's Soothe and Defend HydraGel

1.7 oz          45.00

sample      FREE

directions : to prevent redness from rubbing when applying, warm hands before applying one or two pumps of lotion to palm, distribute quickly on entire palms then pat hands gently over face making sure to be as thorough as possible.  May be applied over serum.   for lines and sagging around the eye area, follow with a firming peptide eye product.

like a moisturizer and serum in one, this velvety gel is for oily, inflamed skin with congestion.  reduces redness, purifies pores, calms inflammation, lightly exfoliates, and hydrates, with Chinese licorice, salicylic acid, a purified and more gentle tea tree, and potent hydrators like sodium hyaluronate.  for inflamed acne breakouts, this pairs perfectly with Activating Liposome Complex to boost skin's immune system, support healing, and calm pores down.  for guys:  this is a perfect mattifying hydrator that can calm and help heal shaving problems while purifying pores on the rest of the face as well.

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